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How DealBoard Works

Revolutionary new ideas for tenants and CRE pros.

One platform. Two ways to find the perfect space.

Your regional commercial real estate association is partnering with DealBoard to revolutionize the leasing experience. Now you can find the perfect space to help your company thrive, while making it easy and affordable for industry pros to serve you better.
We're not a listing service, but a matching service. Our revolutionary marketplace focuses on tenant needs. We connect tenants and reps together on one platform to make finding the ideal space easy and, actually, fun.
Gone are the days of outdated listings and endlessly cold calling window signs. With DealBoard, tenants can either deal directly with a landlord rep or engage a skilled tenant rep to represent them as they find the space that's exactly right. CRE Pros can get their available spaces seen by more potential tenants who know what they want and get more deals done, faster.

DealBoard for Tenants

One platform. Two ways to find the perfect space

For space under 2,000 square feet

Build a Bid Request in minutes. DealBoard helps you decide and tells the market exactly what you're looking for. Then sit back as custom bids roll in. It doesn't cost a dime and you get to spec the space your people will love.

Start GO! Deal

For space over 2,000 feet

Larger deals can get complicated, so you want an advocate in your corner. Rep Matcher learns about you and the space of your dreams. Then we compare your wants with tenant reps who specialize in your needs. You choose the best match. Find someone you're confident in, and we'll make the intro. All free of charge to you.

Start Rep Matcher

DealBoard for CRE Pros

Built to put more quality leads that fit in front of CRE Pros.

Rather than the traditional listing model, DealBoard uses a demand-driven model that lets you quickly sort through leads that fit. Best of all, you can stake your territory and customize the notifications you get, so you aren't bothered by requests that don't match your properties.

See the right fit? Simply submit a Quick or Detailed Bid. It just takes a minute to get your space in front of interested tenants and look like a hero to your landlord clients.

Subscribers can unlock even more exclusive benefits:

Your CRE association has made it easy and affordable to access our exclusive, mobile-friendly Pro Deal Board. It's a great new business tool that helps you deliver more value to your tenant and landlord clients, while eliminating unsolicited researcher calls.

  • Access office, industrial, retails, and other space types
  • Create a BLAST! to instantly get your tenant requirements in front of CRE Pros in your market
  • Submit Quick Bids on larger deals submitted by tenant reps
  • Build a Rep Matcher profile to meet tenants seeking representation via the public Deal Board
Association members receive additional benefits, plus a nice savings on their monthly DealBoard subscription.